What to Expect When You Volunteer Your Pet for This Study

What to Expect:

The visit normally takes about 20-40 minutes, depending on the species of animal scheduled.

The medical/performance exam is longer to allow for a thorough history and chiropractic exam, which includes a neurological, neuromuscular, and thermographic exam. These exams are for research purposes only and are in no way, shape or form meant to replace a diagnosis by a veterinarian. The animal's gait will be assessed, a muscle evaluation to determine symmetry and tone, as well as motion palpation of the joints to determine areas of fixation (or hypomobility or subluxation). Lastly, the areas of fixation will be treated with manipulation, acupuncture/dry needling, myofascial release, and/or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Specific details about how MACARI-7 research study is designed can be read on the Research Protocol MACARI-7 tab. If necessary, Dr. Erin might recommend that your pet forgo participation in the research study and instead follow-up with your pets current veterinarian if the situation should arise.

Typical Visit:

  1. Signed informed consent form for research study (PDF located at the bottom of this webpage)

  2. Medical and performance history/exam

  3. Pre-treatment physical evaluation and thermographic picture(s)

  4. Interventions

  5. Post-intervention physical evaluation and thermographic picture(s)

  6. Follow-up if necessary, on a case by case basis